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Operating in 15 Stated, 100 different sites and 30+ upcoming sites. Our brand is Focused on Building Strong Restaurant Business and Food Courts with exceptional interiors and food art. We are known for food styling and innovative live shows in food court.

About Fraterniti

About Us

We've 100+ Outlets Pan India

Fraterniti Food of India brings you unique food & Beverage franchise options to invest in. Our team of culinary experts can handle high volume of orders maintaining impeccable food quality for all your requirements. Our company produces brands that convert mainstream dishes into unique dishes through our special recipes and presentation. We already have more than 100+ running franchises and many more to come. Possessing the capacity to build a kitchen that can house over 30 brands of completely different cuisine, we are capable of offering a variety of dishes at their best quality, meeting your requirements. We have some of the most prominent franchises running in the country like ZOCA, Yolo, China Box, Galli Chaap, etc.”


Visionary Founders

Fraterniti Foods Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2020 by Rohit Tandon and Karan Makan, Fraterniti is a Gurgaon-based company that owns multiple food franchises under it a range of food varieties is there available to choose from for those who wish to become a franchise owner. This created this franchise model for Indian people. The main goal is to provide high-quality food and experience at an affordable price. They started this company during the period of Covid, which itself was a huge issue. With one of the largest populations, we faced the biggest and longest lockdown, something that seemed impossible but did happen. To keep the money flow and job opportunities; new ideas came forward. The Shadow Kitchen or Cloud Kitchen businesses came forward with a success rate, with Shadow Kitchen, there is a front facade brand support of online brands in the backyard; the Front facade brand will have the highest-selling and most popular one too, support brands will be present online delivering food to doorsteps, with which all of us got very comfortable in the past. The primary source of income will remain the front brand with add-on sales. This model was introduced to deal with a situation like Lockdown; so the source of earnings is not limited to one prime location. 


Growth Model

Fraterniti Foods, with its multiple brands, has revolutionized the industry by achieving significantly higher conversion rates compared to single-owned brands. The company’s strategic decision to diversify its offerings has paid off tremendously, resulting in a staggering tenfold increase in revenue compared to a single owned brand. By catering to different niches and consumer preferences through distinct brand identities, Fraterniti Foods has effectively captured a wider market share.

Each brand within the Fraterniti Foods umbrella resonates with its target audience, allowing for focused marketing campaigns and tailored experiences. This approach has not only attracted a larger customer base but also fostered brand loyalty, leading to repeat purchases and sustained growth. Fraterniti Foods’ ability to leverage the power of multiple brands has proven to be a game-changer, propelling the company to new heights of success in the food industry.



Fraterniti Foods’ innovative approach to crafting diverse menus that cater to different dietary preferences and lifestyles has garnered widespread acclaim. Through strategic partnerships, expanded distribution channels, and a relentless pursuit of culinary excellence, Fraterniti Foods has successfully solidified its position as a prominent player in the food industry. As its presence continues to expand, more and more individuals are embracing the delightful and wholesome experience that Fraterniti Foods brings to the table.


Our Skillset Stand On Our Works.

Now, we are lauding our accomplishment of inspiring the millennium towards modern Indian cafe tradiition in an amiable ambience which has transformed the taste of millions!

Our Goal

Become the No. 1 food franchise of india

Our Achievement

50+ Outlets In Last Year

Our Missions

500+ Outlets Till 2025

Our Dream

Become the One Who is Considered a No.1 Food Franchise Company

Future is here

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